Vacbed Hitachi

Lucy's Novelties Review / Unboxing (The Magic Wand Chair)

Unboxing and review of the The Magic Wand Chair by Lucy's Novelties. Setting up the Magic Wand Chair is easy. Once unboxed, it sets up just like any other ...

Tied Up Tutorials - Simple Wand Vibrator Tie

TIED UP TUTORIALS Episode 8 Please do research on your rope bondage safety first, rope bondage can be dangerous and cause serious injury if not done ...

Transgender Woman Tries Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator


BDSM Self Bondage Ice Warden Time lock

New ultra compact light weight ice lock, delivery in March 2019! Visit my site: Preorder now on ebay: ...

How I Had an Incredible Subspace Orgasm | BDSM Slave Stories Ep 2

I SAW a rainbow shoot out of me in a soul shattering, deep subspace orgasm! Master used orgasm control, edging, and rituals steeped in BDSM to reward me ...

Vibrator Kling-on Sextoy

For sci-fi fans everywhere. This 6 inch toy is bound to "chenmoH muSHa'" with any being strong, or brave enough, to withstand the great prowess of a Warrior.

The Magic Wand Plus- Empire Unboxing

Unwrap perfect pleasure (plus a few surprises) in Adult Empire's unboxing series! Chelsea looks at unique and sometimes unexpected sex toys and novelties as ...

vibrator wake up!

My cousin gets a surprise wake up with a powerful sex toy.

Expanding Foam Encasement [bondage] in a Barrel

Being Foamed into two 30 gallon barrels (with A--B foam) Sped up for your youtube pleasure! Precautions were taken - mandatory don't try this at home warning ...

Vac Bed HD

This is a Latex Fetishist's Fantasy.. to be COMPLETELY enveloped in LATEX!! which was exactly what this wonderful contraption does.. THe sensation is ...

Vibrator for the average dummy

messing around with a big shiny steel vibrator and the CPR dummy.

New disign LED vibrator/Flexible and soft silicone head

Latex color free.with a Flexible soft silicone head, high power with rotation 12000rpm a

SVAKOM Leslie Warming Vibrator

SVAKOM Leslie Warming Vibrator.

NXPL - Demonstration du Fairy Black Exceed

Démonstration de la puissance maximale du vibormasseur Fairy Black Exceed par Adam de

Gaining Full Control of a Doxy Magic Wand Vibrator - Quick Update

DISCLAIMER - DONT REVERSE THE POLARITY OR YOU WILL BREAK YOUR DOXY! this video was just intended to update people on my progress with ...

Mystim Al Punto Vibrator

Kommt auf den Punkt: Der Mystim Al Punto ist so gebogen, dass seine Spitze genau auf den G-Punkt trifft.

Vibrator Table

Most clients like these toning machines the best. A gentle oscillating movement allows you to relax areas that you have just worked out on the other toning ...