Tailsitter VTOL "Galadriel" Test

About one year ago, I built a pair of wings of FT Versa Wing. It was supposed to be an FPV flying wing but was never been completed. Then some weeks ago, ...

Drone Making Story(Vectored Tailsitter)

Contact : voeing@naver.com.

Large vectored Tailsitter for ditigal FPV, Step 1

Corrected Video. Manual on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18VjNNKl4wUGIbkGbB4Y7qWhGF6GRBe7e Print Files on: ...

Ardupilot tailsitter (thrust vectoring DIY ducted fan) part 2 (testing)

Rather impractical it seems. http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/guide-tailsitter.html https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/dual-motor-tailsitters/15302.

SweepWings Flinch & ArduPilot Tailsitter Backyard Maiden

Although there is lots of room for improvement this maiden went much better than expected. I thought surely that I botched something with the build or ...

VTOL, vectored Tailsitter, Test 18. Why needed 25 % forward Pitch?

Still analising why 25 % Pitch forward is needed to stay on spot in QSTABILIZE or QHOVER (no Wind) Good to see during landing Phase. Good travel behavior ...

VTOL | Tail Sitter | IIT Kanpur

Finally after many crashes the VTOL Tailsitter flew. For more info you can reach us :- Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/aeromodellingclubiitk.

iNav BiCopter VTOL Tailsitter - Transition TestFlight

Another outdoor test with my VTOL. Transition from Bi-Copter to Wing works great. From Wing to Bi-Copter ....grrrr.

Tailsitter VTOL

In this project, students developed a VTOL tailsitter and achieved successful hovering of Tailsitter. For more info, you can reach us:- ...

2018 국제 PAV 기술 경연대회 세이프티 영상_Tailsitter

2018년도 PAV경연대회 참관 기체 # 제작 컨셉 - 1인승 PAV 비행체 - 비행이 주 목적 - 주행 부분 (단거리 이동/주차장에서 가까운 이륙장) ...

FixedWing X-5 Tailsitter, Test flight indoor

The X-5 aircraft with thrust vectoring performs a test flight indoors.

VTOL, vectored Tailsitter, Test 30, Transitions

Good forward transition, low level backward transition. In odrder to see the "two stage transition" Unsatisfied with the lift up at the start with Jump backwards.

Robust Hover Control of a Tailsitter Flying Machine

Robust Hover Control of a Tailsitter Flying Machine This video demonstrates a new algorithm for robust hover control of a tailsitter flying machine. The tailsitter is ...

Tailsitter qhover test

Took the tailsitter out to test qhover and maybe do a transition into fbwa but didn't get that far. Got it in the air and I pitched it forward against the wind to stay in ...

INES 双発テールシッタ-1800mm機 Tailsitter VTOL UAV 1800mm 008

INES 双発テールシッター1800mm Tailsitter VTOL UAV 1800mm 008 この動画は、翼長1800mmの双発テールシッター型垂直離着陸無人機の諏訪湖で飛行実験を行っ.

Tailsitter with APM Stack, Crash in Stabilize

Second start OK, verry aggresive reaction on Commands. Crash after uncommanded Roll from 10m. Good to hear at the End.



SweepWings Flinch with Pixhawk 2 Cube and PX4 VTOL TiltWing/Tailsitter

I want to document the process of building a TiltWing/Tailsitter with the SweepWings Flinch, Pixhawk 2 Cube, and PX4 VTOL firmware. Not sure how this will turn ...

Tilt Motor Unit for 2 Mot vectored Tailsitter

Motion Plus and Minus 90 degrees with integrated Servo and ESC.

Foamboard VTOL tail-sitter, round 1

Mostly the same source code as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7Ph6sIjl98.

The Flying-wing Tailsitter

The Flying-wing Tailsitter.

Tailsitter, Skywalker, Test 14. Tuning- and Pilot Stresstest

Tuning of some parameters to optimize Plane Fligth. Gusty wind with 20 kmp from Est. When i prepare for a flight it is calm. But when charged the Akkus and ...

INES 双発テールシッター1600mm Tailsitter VTOL UAV 1600mm 006

INES 双発テールシッター1600mm Tailsitter VTOL UAV 1600mm 006 この動画は、翼長1600mmの双発テールシッター型垂直離着陸無人機の諏訪湖で飛行実験を行っ.

Variable pitch(Vector thrust) Tailsitter

QHOVER Test-1 Servo_Function: 46=Variable pitch VTOL(pitch-left) 47=Variable pitch VTOL(pitch-right) 48=Variable pitch VTOL(throttle) 49=Variable pitch ...