Soda Bloat Belly

Belly Chain Soda Bloat - Chugging, Burps, Moans

I'm posting five videos in five days in celebration of hitting 5000 Instagram followers! Are you following me on Instagram? If not you're missing out! @livpat3 In ...

3L Soda Bloat Belly

My belly, post soda bloat! I love how different my belly sounds when I bloat with liquid versus stuffing with food! I also love how my round belly looks in fishnets, ...

2 Liter Soda Bloat With Waist Trainer

I've lated been feeling like I'm actually a balloon by how fat I keep getting! Hehe, seriously though, my belly has been getting soooo HUGE, it's insane! But I just ...


belly bro -

2L Chugging Belly Bloat

Chugging 2 litres of iced tea gives me a big, bloated belly! Apologies for the quality and the blt where my phone decided to stop recording...

Soda Bloat Fat Belly And Hiccups

I drink a whole 2 liter bottle of sprite with fizzy candies and then get hiccups. Snapchat: sam_goesmoo PSA: I dont have to talk to you on snapchat and if I dont ...

Soda bloat ☺️

It felt soo good filling my big belly up with soda. I need to bloat more often so I can drink 2L at once! I need belly rubs and food now... Sorry it's been a while guys!

Stuffed bloated belly play. What do u think of my belly?

Fat Huge Bloated Belly After Stuffing Pt.2

Gluttony Gal is on Patreon, , for those who want more intimate content and a greater interactive experience) Tried to do my ...

Soda bloat!

Enjoy the bloat, I sure did. I love feeling so big and tight. Also, try and enjoy the content given. Asking for things right when I post a new video will NOT get me to ...

7 Mentos + 2L diet coke bloat

I am addicted to the feeling of my belly so full. I'm so bloated now I could burst. So turned on by the feeling.

Soda Water Bloat FULL

Original video by: "Bloatedbellybabe" from Tumblr.

2 liter soda bloat [BELLY STUFFING TIMELAPSE]

Julia Cornia -

Soda bloat in already full tummy

Augh I almost made it through the whole 2 liters!! I'm usually really good about chugging.. then again I've never tried with a full belly before, so i say I did pretty ...

Menthos and soda bloat

Swallowed two packages of menthos then downed a liter plus a can of carbonated water ... OMFG I love the results ... and it hurts!

Soda Bloat After Taco Bell

I'm so stuffed right now I can not believe it The shirt use to cover my belly but I have packed on some weight I look so good.

Soda bloat while inflating

So incredibly big and tight. Definitely the largest my gut has ever been. You can see the jiggle before I start and by the end it doesn't move. Pumped and bloated ...

Triple bloat beer belly

After vinegar baking soda and stuffing i did a mentos beer bloat.

4 liters of soda belly bloat and burps

I've never chugged so much soda at once before! I love how bubbly it feels in my stomach, it really makes my stomach bloat up even more, plus the burps too~ ...

2L Coke Belly Bloat

transformingbellybutton -

Lemon juice & baking soda bloat

Reupload with hopefully better video quality; sorry about that.. -Warning- Just in case you don't like it, there is a looooot of burping in this that I couldn't control, ...

Diet Coke and Mentos Bloat

Fun with soda and mentos! A livestream from earlier today! There is a little surprise near the end. =)

Belly Bloat

I ate so much for lunch, and afterwards I decided to make this video and chug a soda. :) I love my body right now, and even more when i'm full.