Slug Vore

Slug Vore - Interactive Flash Animation

This is an old interactive Flash animation/art by an artist who, I believe, does not wish to be named in searchable text (but is credited on-screen) because they no ...

Milia War - Slug Deaths (Vore Deaths)

Thanks everyone for the views on my previous video, this is my little gift to my new subscribers who subscribed. I'm not sure how you guys found my channel but ...

The Carnictis (KING KONG) Creatures Explored

The Carnictis Sordicus was a worm-like creature that lived in the chasms of Skull Island as featured in Peter Jackson's 2005 epic King Kong. Check out my video ...

Snail vore & digestion (HNK E02)

Upload is for promotional purposes only. I did not create the content in this video. All credit goes to the original creator(s)*** Suggested by Renatwo Know a .

Anime blob vore

blob creature swallows girl - XAMD lost memories.

Melin in Garden Snail Vore (Comic)

Based on my comic on deviantart. This is just a panel for panel retelling.

Curiosity (plant vore)

original story

Fromage game_ Slug Vore in slow motion

Just another scene from the game where the little chibi gets devoured If you like and subscribe to my channel I''ll upload more videos every week to entertain ...

Metal Slug XX vore 1

Here, the ladies are eaten by the simple Man-Eating Plants.

メタルスラッグ7 食人植物vore

食人植物(等身大)に喰われ続ける動画です キャラは入れ替えてます 4:50あたりから1/4の速度にしてあるので呑まれるところが見やすいと思います.

Echidna Wars Dx Vore Game Full Walkthrough Gameplay

Echidna Wars Dx Vore Game Full Walkthrough Gameplay One of the best side scrolling games I've ever played in a while, i picked the bunny girl because she's ...

Wolf Girl Vore Snake girl and worm vore! Echidna Wars

Final part :) full playthrough coming soon.

Rick and Morty Season 3 | Is that a demon slug in your stomach?

SUBSCRIBE HERE: for more Rick and Morty adventures all day long ...

Ealry Worm Gets the Girl-No Digestion, Internal Views

If you're a hungry worm, you need to get up pretty early in the morning to get the best girls. This version does not show the girls being digested. If you would like ...

King kong bug/insect scene

I do not own any rights to this movie or Universal.

【voreアニメ】巨大ウミウシに丸呑み 【vore anima】

怪獣のような巨大ウミウシに丸呑みされて体内の肉壁にむにゅむにゅ蠕動されるシーン Sea slug vore / FAIRY TAIL.

Junji Ito Collection - Slug Girl

Slug Girl / Namekuji no Shoujo / なめくじ少女 from Junji Ito Collection Episode 3. Collection No. 066: Slug Girl.

BBW Same-size vore (Sound Edit)

Most sounds got from: