Downward is darker: Yamaha RS7000 groovebox electronica track

YAMAHA RS7000 Deep House jam

YAMAHA RS7000 demo Futago Sounds.

🛫 Dub Marine 8 | Yamaha RS7000 #dubtechno

Dub Cousteau on Spotify: Download track: Live Jam with the Yamaha RS7000, ...

Dub Techno Session #11 | Yamaha RS7000 | Zoom MS50G | 4-Track Tape Loops | #dawless #dubtechno

Dub Cousteau on Spotify: Track on Soundcloud: ...

RS-7000 quick demo

A short demo of my RS7000 that is for sale. Displaying the version number and showing some quick features. Still one of the best hardware sequencers made.

RS7000 and Me

Found this RS7000 for a steal. After seeing dudes rock it on Youtube, I loved it. This is my first beat on the RS so dont judge to

RS7000 Oleksander - Vaisselle buster style

Vous pouvez notez le jolie bug de la machine à 3:30) Je tiens à m'excuser auprès de Prydpanik alias Jean Jacques Herpès pour le traitement infligé à ma RS.

Delusions: RS7000 groovebox track

RS7000 only, no external samples/effects.

RS7000 test - Acid Jam 2016 x0xb0x vs TT-303 vs 777

RS7000 test - Acid Jam 2016 x0xb0x 777 Revolution TT-303 MPC REN MAC PRO Yamaha's RS7000 “MIDI Sequencer” Can Record independent track lengths ...

The dying sun: Yamaha RS7000 groovebox ambient demo (RS7K)

If you like my music, consider purchasing this track and supporting me as an artist: ...

YAMAHA RS7000 hard minimal


RS7000 - Oleksander - Vaisselle Buster Style 2

Derniere avalanche de pattern avant de vendre ma RS7000.


machine musique bouton boom boom.

Sample Mixing on RS7000

Not sure this will help anyone much, but here it is... Samples from Android by Downlink.

RS7000 LFO sawtooth wave tutorial

describing how the reverse sawtooth sine wave further chops and disguises a phrase and/or sample.

Silent indifference: Yamaha RS7000 groovebox downtempo electro ambient

Available for download here: Working on trying to understand ...

Dub Techno Session #12 | Yamaha RS7000 | Volca Bass | Volca Keys | Zoom MS50G | #dawless #dubtechno

Dub Cousteau on Spotify: This one on Soundcloud: ...


Soundcloud: Facebook: Upcoming Liveset: ...

Yamaha RS7000 Track - Jazzknute

A Track created on the Yamaha RS7000. Used external Samples and internal Sounds. For more Sounds of the lovely RS7000 see my Channel or my ...

Yamaha RS7000: over the mist (ambient)

h3rm - Wenn ich dich erwische - Rs7000 Tekno liveact

Pad 3.

Yamaha RS7000 Acid with Novation Drum Station v2

Inspired by some work done by Zamisers7K (2011) and TB-303 analysis by Robin Whittle (1999) I found I could get a very Acid sound from my RS7K!

yamaha rs7000 tutorial's

this is basic information on how to make a beat and use the yamaha rs 7000!

dA Relic's RS7000 Sampling tutorial 1/6

how i sample on the RS7000... a step by step instructional.

Making a Pattern on RS7000 Pt1

Sorry display blurry, try to get better at video, but hope audio qual is not so bad.