Wholly Crap! Vol 4 - Miracles

"Miracles" are only miraculous when we lack understanding.

Qillz Café Log: Frui-t-pop

Subscribe for more of Qillz' Café Logs: http://bit.ly/1eLXSl7 Café Details: Fru-T-Pop, 22, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8 (next to My Elephant Thai Restaurant), Taman Sri ...

Wholly Crap! Vol 60 - Religiosity and Well-Being

Does religion increase the well-being of society? Does it make people behave better? The data shows it does not.

Wholly Crap! Vol 28 - Blessings

What is a "blessing" and what does it do?

Evidence Against God - Part 4: Historical Gods

Humans have historically created countless gods to explain things they didn't understand. The current crop of gods is no exception. Their all too human origins ...

Wholly Crap! Vol 5 - "Darwinism"

Creationists use the term "Darwinism" in an attempt to paint evolution as an ideology.

Qillz Café Log: The Good Batch

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Happy Heresy

Channel Links: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLivingDinosaur https://www.youtube.com/user/WildwoodClaire1 https://www.youtube.com/user/WeisApple ...

Evidence Against God - Part 5: Geographic Distribution

In this installment, we analyze a study by the Pew Research Center on the global geographic distribution of religions: ...

Evidence Against God - Part 1: Defining God

In this video series we will explore the evidence which indicates a god does not exist. Before we can evaluate the evidence for or against God, we must first ...

Wholly Crap! Vol 1 - Intro to Apologetics

Apologetics is the attempt by religious advocates to mislead the gullible with warped logic and pseudo-science.

Evidence Against God - Part 3: Inefficacy of Prayer

In this installment we will look at some of the medical studies on intercessory prayer and the results which indicate prayer to be ineffective.

Wholly Crap! Vol 56 -Titus Flavius Josephus

This is a quick look at the apologetic claim of extra-Biblical "evidence" provided by the works of Titus Flavius Josephus. It's not what they would have us believe.

Wholly Crap! Vol 12 - "Kinds"

Young earth creationists often equivocate that Noah took 2 of each "kind" of animal onto the ark, but they never seem to define WTF a "kind" really is.

Qillz Café Log: Podgy & The Banker

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Evidence Against God - Part 2: God of the Gaps

In this installment we will look at a few of the ever closing gaps used to justify a belief in God.

Wholly Crap! Vol 58 - After the Flood

A fun look at life in the aftermath of Noah's flood.

Wholly Crap! Vol 2 - Common Sense

Common sense intuition is not a viable means of attaining knowledge. It is a cop out for those averse to learning.

Qillz Café Log: Garage 51

Hope you enjoy my first of hopefully many experiences of exploring some of the must-try coffee places in KL. Feel free to leave some suggestions too if you know ...

Wholly Crap! Vol.1 - Intro to Apologetics (by Qillz)

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxuL46OzJgo Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Qillz/ Outstanding channel and video series debunking christian ...

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At least 5 qillz

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Kidd Qillz - Keep It Mellow ft. OG $leepy x Maineac (Single)

Keep It Mellow - Single From the 2017 mixtape "Project X" Expected Dec. 9 2017 Prod. By Gherah Engineered By Steven Voxx SixCity Recordings 2017.