Pampers Size 8

Pampers Baby Dry Size 8 (Comparison with the old size 7)

I didn't say this in the video, but after using these for a week I have to say I love them! They're bigger than the old size 7's (something I wasn't expecting, I thought ...

Pampers size 8

On this link you can buy the new Pampers size 8: ...

Pampers Baby Dry Gr.8

Pampers Baby Dry Gr.8 Pampers Baby Dry Gr.8 Pampers Baby Dry Gr.8 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Merchandise Shop: ...

Size Diaper Pampers Baby Dry 8

In this video I will illustrate the measurements of the Pampers baby dry diaper size 8.

Water filling test with Pampers Baby Dry Size 8

Pampers Baby Gr. 8 17+ kg

Pampers Baby Gr. 8 17+ kg Pampers Baby Gr. 8 17+ kg Pampers Baby Gr. 8 17+ kg ---------------------------------------------------------------- Merchandise Shop: ...

Diaper #32 Couche Pampers 8

Voici la tente deuxième diaper de la chaîne. Couche Pampers baby dry t7 +15 kg de la marque pampers Aimer et commenter la vidéo si cela vous plait.


An updated evening routine of a mum of two now that Jasper has started school and Jenson's nursery hours have increased - I can't quite believe I'm a school ...

Testing Baby Dry 8

Testing the new version of Pampers Baby Dry size 8 with 400ml of water. I would have added more, but the three channels feel awesome even with a little ...

Pampers baby dry size 6

Pampers baby dry size 6 sitting on the couch.

Girls Big Pampers Diaper Challenge |Family Fun day

familyfunmusictoysreview By request, Julie & Louise playing the Big pampers diapers wearing a diaper challenge. Thank you so much to the one who ...

Apertura de pañales Pampers Swaddlers Overnights etapa 6

Pampers Disposable Diapers | How It`s Made

Subscribe Channel: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: How It`s Made - S11 E10 P04 ...

Pampers baby dry Windeln Größe 8 Test 08 2019 Saugstärke und Trockenheit Pampers baby-dry Größe 8 Windeltest 2019. Kategorie Saugstärke und Trockenheit. Fazit und kompletter Testbericht im weiteren ...

Pampers – Love the Change – Everything :30

Pampers is proud to support every parent through all the changes a baby brings. Find answers to everything baby at Instagram: ...

Opening homebrand size 6 nappies ( how much are they like Pampers )

Wetting Pampers Size 7 [ABDL 18+]

Exactly as the title says! My first time wetting these and they hold a TON!

*NEW* Pampers Size 7 Diapers 2019

Hey everyone! I am reviewing the new Pampers Diapers Size 7. I talk about the fit, absorbency, length and compare them to new Goodnites that came out!

Pampers Baby Dry

New Pampers baby dry, with 3 channels that help distribute wetness evenly so it does not sag like ordinary diapers and stays drier.

Bag challenge /my pampers sa bag ko

Please watch my video everyone