Airsoft sniper Ares MSR338 Remington, TX system (MSR-010)

MSR338 Remington, TX system (MSR-010) bolt action airsoft sniper rifle. Online shop

SNIPER MSR338 | Fuzileiro Sniper AIRSOFT

Apoio: Econtre sua airsoft preferida: Cupom de desconto, codigo: FuzileiroSniper Aprenda como é filmado os disparos ...

【でめ流】ARES MSR-338(XM2010) エアコッキングボルトアクションライフル【でめちゃんのエアガン&ミリタリーレビュー】ISKYent.

でめ流オリジナルデザインTシャツはこちらからご購入下さい! ※通販のみの受注生産となります。店頭在庫...

How to Upgrade an ARES Airsoft Sniper | MSR & MCM700X | - Tuning Guide

MSR breakdown: ▷Tuningkits:


どうも、上野ガンマニアでございます。 今回はARES製MSR.338の紹介でございます。 パーツ互換リスト(あくまでも調整した人からお聞きしたので...

Remington MSR

Shooting a .338 Lapua Mag with standard velocity ammo unsuppressed, then standard velocity ammo suppressed, and last with subsonic ammo suppressed.


どうも!ラリくまです! 今回はけっこう高かったんで次のエアガンレビュー遅れますがよろしくお願いします! 今回は長々とありがとうございま...

OLD Rifle, NEW Tricks - Ares MSR

Airsoft Sniper Gameplay bringing back my old Ares MSR .338 Sniper rifle from the dead at Ballahack Airsoft Field during the Battle for Bravid Part 2. Ares used to ...

Airsoft GI - Remington MSR Spring Sniper Rifle OEM by ARES Gun Review

Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◅◅◅ At long last the Remington MSR ...

MSR-338 Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam 3

Je m'excuse d'avance des tirs à la têtes ! Beaucoup trop de highland en début de journée, la seul façon était les headshot quand on me donnais l'ordre, sinon ...

Ares MSR 338 with Novritsch Upgrade Kit

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Mozzie Vs Msr 338

Mozzie getting shot multiple time by Msr lapua .338.

Remington MSR: The Special Forces MK 21 Sniper Rifle

In 2009 the Precision Sniper Rifle program gave birth to the Remington MSR, a modular sniper rifle that was capable of getting good hit out to 1500 meters.

| Markstorm Airsoft | Recensione Ares MSR338 softair

Bentornati snipers oggi recensiremo assieme una replica bolt action a molla particolare : l`ARES MSR338 . Massiccia,pesante, accattivante....vale davvero il suo ...

One Mile Long Shot With The Remington MSR And A New Long Range Shooter

A one mile long shot is not anything to sniff at. 1760 yards is a rather long way off for even the most experienced of shooters much less a shooter who has only ...

SoftAir Italia Msr338 Ares Sniper Gameplay

Ciao a tutti e benvenuti in questo nuovo video. Oggi giocherò con un Msr 338 della Ares con scope-cam.

MSR-338 Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam 2

réplique : MSR-338 ARES Caméra : Sony HDR-CX280 Billes : 0.30G Zoom : X14/15 Distance moyenne des tirs : Entre 25 et 60 mètres. Upgrades internes ...

Remington MSR .338 Lapua AAC Titan suppressor - 2011 Silencer Shoot

Remington MSR (.338 Lapua Magnum) with AAC Titan suppressor, and Schmidt & Bender glass at the 2011 Silencer Shoot.

ARES MSR-338レビュー

ARES MSR-338 性能の個体差はあるだろうけど重量感と見た目のバランスがとてもGood!!!


A new level of surgical precision, the Remington Modular Sniper Rifle (MSR) was designed for operators by operators. It combines lethal accuracy at 1500 ...

Ares MS700 Black unboxing & overview

you wanna know what you can expect when you buy an Ares MS700, well this is what it's gonna look like. LIKE & COMMENT if you want a full review on this ...

เกมส์ปฏิบัติกาารช่วยเหลือตัวประกันกับสไนเปอร์ msr338 ares bb gun

ปฏิบัติกาารช่วยเหลือตัวประกันจากซอมบี้กับสไนเปอร์msr338 ares bb gun.

レベルアップサバゲー 43発目 ARES MS700レビュー

今回はエアコッキングスナイパーライフル、ARES MS700をレビューします! 重たいのが大の苦手な生田さんがヒィヒィ言ってますが果たして…!?...

ARES MS700 微custom ・50m射撃テスト① XM2010

注:「下げ振り」で、垂直を見て 水平を知る。ですね。