Fortuner @ The Moegatle 4x4 Terror Trail! (2019)

Toyota Fortuner does the Moegatle 4x4 Trail near Britz. Did this as part of a group. Music Credit - If you enjoyed the video please ...

Cruiser doing God se Pad @ Moegatle 4x4

Mad Man Johan mad enough going up and then reversing down this crazy obstacle.

Moegatle 4x4 26-27 Jan 2019

Music Credits: Dorp Toe - JMF Video & Photo Credits: Johan Swift Domenique Beceiro-Sillero Leira Annushka & Eugene van Wyk.

Accident @ Moegatle - Koos se Klim /Tsogwe

Land Rover Defender attempting Koos se Klim / Tsogwe at Moegatle [Just outside Brits in SA]. 43-45 degree incline.

Moegatle YouTube

Disco 2 V8 Moegatle, Koos se klip.

Moegatle 4x4 Trail with The Patrol Forum, 4xFury & Godrich 4x4 Adventure Club

The Patrol Forum invited 4xFury and Godrich 4x4 Adventure Club to join them on the 16th of September 2017, for a day tackling one of South Africa's Terror ...

Moegatle Alternative (Chicken) Route

Alternative (Chicken) Route - Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 - Koos se Klim, Moegatle.

4x4ventures S1Ep2 - Ford Ranger 2.2 xl at Terror Trail Moegatle

4X4Ventures episode 2, takes the 2.2 XL 4X4 Ford Ranger to Moegatle where we do a review on the terror trail. One of 3 terror trails in the Northern region of ...

RRSport @ Moegatle

Range Rover Sport TDV8 @ Moegatle attempting Koos se Klip 43-45 degrees incline.

Moegatle 4x4 hosted by John Rock 4x4 club 2019 06 15

John Rock 4x4 Club weekend at Moegatle let the fun begin.

Moegatle 4x4 - Jan 2015 Ranger, Land Cruiser & Defender

Legend35 @ Moegatle - Hilux4x4 GTG get together.

Disco 3 at moegatle 4x4

4x4 offroad at moegatle Disco 3.

Koos Se Klip Moegatle - O HELL NO!!!

Going Up hmmmmm I do not think so!!

CasKru @ Moegatle - Hilux4x4 GTG get together.

Moegatle Moments

4x4 Community Forum weekend at Moegatle.

Moegatle: Deon does Koos se Klim, God se Pad and Klipdrift

Moegatle - Suzuki Samurai (SJ413) - Koos se Klip

via YouTube Capture.

Moegatle 4x4 - Koos se klip

Godrich 4x4 Adventure Club's eventfull day at Moegatle 4x4.

4x4 rock climb - Moegatle

Moegatle 4x4 rock challenge. Jeep Rubicon followed by Defender 90, Toyota Hilux and Wrangler TJ.

Moegatle- God se pad

Range rover with no diff locks going up on God se pad at the Moegatle 4x4 trail.