ДЪЩЕРЯТА НА РУМЕН ОВЧАРОВ: Певицатa-банкер Яна - Събуди се (10.06.2017)

Абонирай се за профила на Публицистиката на Нова: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKe2NUqtkmsbnaNG63L7hCQ?sub_confirmation=1 Посети ...


Прошу прощения конечно .Не умею я снимать всякие распаковки и рассказывать о них . Но этой решил поделится...

LZ7J - Първа връзка на 2.3GHz от KN22HB

Би-куад панел във фокуса на офсетна антена и подходящият трансвертер :) 07.06.2015, УКВ контест, играем на нещо...

PD9Z -YB0IBM RX was taken in YB

PD9Z in qso with YB0IBM...thx Daud for recording. From both sides like a pipeline...20db.

LZ2RS- Rumen Stefanov / RUMI / - BULGARIA - 14:10 utc - 09-Dec-2013 - 10 meters band

LZ2RS- Rumen Stefanov / RUMI / - BULGARIA - 14:10 utc - 09-Dec-2013 - 10 meters band.

A QSO with YT100SG and LZ2RS with the X108G

Another couple of short contacts with the Xiegu X108G into Serbia and Bulgaria on 15 metres...

PD9Z - RX by PD2RF

Me on 40m...RX taken by PD2RF(rinse). Shortskip was great...a lot of fun using the 2nd rig ProIII. 73s Sascha PD9Z.


20 September 2015 10 Meter band QRP QSO LZ2RS/QRP 7Z1SJ.

FK8DD/m QSO with LZ2RS JA1NVF JJ5HUD JI1BXD on 10m 16/11/2015

Worked following stations: LZ2RS, JA1NVF, JJ5HUD and JI1BXD on 28.025 khz CW at 05:26 utc 16/11/2015.

QSO With LZ2RS Rumen Bulgaria

QSO With LZ2RS Rumen Bulgaria Thanks MM6NRK.

UA0UAN UA0BW QSO 14 08 18 г

Прохождение было не ахти , но поговорить , все же удалось , Анатолию (UA0UAN ) и Владимиру (UA0BW) Огромное спасибо...

"FK8DD/m" QSO with RZ3AR and LZ2RS 20m CW August 28th 2015

QSO with Yuri/RZ3AR from Moscow, Russia and Rumi/LZ2RS in Gabrovo, Bulgaria on 14.006 khz at 04:58 utc, august 28th 2015.

FK8DD/m QSO with LZ2RS/QRP and OM7AA on 20m 25/09/2015

Good contact with Rumi/LZ2RS/QRP and Julo/OM7AA on 14.006 khz CW at 05:19 utc 25/09/2015.

FK8DD/m QSO with LZ2RS/QRPP 1 watt,14.006 khz at 05:18 utc, 03/09/2015

Hello Rumi, as you can see on the video capture, your real signal was only RST 429 but audio in my headphone was 559 with slight QSB but easily workable.

Pi4ZU - CQWW 2016

Pi4ZU working with a lot of fun the CQWW 2016 again PD9Z PD7DX PD8DX PC4DX PD0RR.....thanks for the hits guys. 73s.....and dont forget to subscribe ;)

2016 府八幡宮祭典・昼の巻

磐田市中泉地区の府八幡宮祭典を10月2日に撮影しました。 新しいお神輿が市中を巡回してます。 手古舞、浦安の舞が見どころです。 屋台は各町...

PD15XMAS - Ray de PD7DX

Special event station with a warm christmas shout to all OM's.

OE7/PD9Z in Austria

Summer 2017 portable trip in Ötztal Naturpark OEFF-0045 Flora Fauna. Good conditions on 20m.....good to woŕk a lot of HAMs. After this i will be continue the ...

Navratri Utsav & Dandiya

Published on: 17 , Oct 2018. Navratri Utsav & Dandiya.

Oasis - Lauricia

Enjoy an original song I wrote called, 'Oasis'. Join the fan club here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lauricia/?ref=bookmarks Donate to me via Paypal here: ...

جروح زائر | علي الخالدي

زائر، أخذته رجليه في أنحاء كربلاء .. فوجد تلك الجروح! من مجلس عزاء ليلة الجمعة - ربيع الثاني 1435هـ هيئة الإمام...