Training Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lungren,2019

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Dolph Lundgren Transformation 2019 | From 1 to 60 Years Old

Dolph Lundgren - From 1 to 60 Years Old Maybe you want to watch Dave Bautista - Transformation From 1 To 48 Years Old The ...

Volvo video features Dolph Lungren

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched a new short film featuring Hollywood tough guy, Dolph Lungren. The promotional video shows the film star training ...

Dolph Lungren (Ivan Drago) - Rocky IV - I must Break You

Facebook page: Like If you wish, or send me a message with your requests and remarks. Scene from the Movie Rocky ...

Dolph Lungren Gives KAT A Compliment

Renaissance man Dolph Lundgren and KAT continue the tale of Stallone's white suit and Grace Jones story... KAT Links: BLOG Redbubble ...

Psychopat vs Lungren dostal kolo bohužel je?

Interview with Matthew Lungren, MD, MPH - Stanford Medicine Big Data | Precision Health 2018

Matthew Lungren, MD, MPH, is the associate director of the Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging, which conducts research to solve ...


Alex Flash, Сильвестер Сталлоне и Дольф Лунгрен в рекламе пива Текате, специально для Чемпионата Мира по футболу...

Radiology and AI: Origins to Future State

Stanford AI in Radiology Dr. Matthew Lungren @mattlungrenMD.

Matt Lungren, Stanford - 2019 Stanford Medicine Big Data | Precision Health

Researchers and leaders from academia, hospitals, government and industry gathered for two days at the 2019 Big Data in Precision Health conference at ...

Candidate For Congress: Dan Lungren

Longtime Republican Congressman Dan Lungren says he is facing new challenges in his campaign for the newly re-aligned District 7.

CA-03 (Lungren): HMP Ad "Plate" Against Dan Lungren (10-17-11)

Voice-over: Peanut butter and jelly. Congressman Dan Lungren says it's his favorite sandwich. Let's hope it's yours too. Because Lungren voted to cut taxes for ...

Lungren nuclear power floor speech

Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) addresses the House on the importance of nuclear power in response to President Obama's speech in Egypt.

Dolph Lungren Talks Fighting and Sex With Grace Jones #DolphLundgren #kattalestv

Stallone told me a story about Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren so I ask Dolph about the White Suit Incident which brings up the possibility of a sex ...

"Oily Dan" Lungren

When Dr. Bill Durston asked Dan Lungren about all the "Big Oil" contributions he has taken, Lungren replied "If I could get more, I'd take more."

Dan Lungren: Retirement

Dan Lungren has a plan for retirement. Where he gives career politicians like himself a gold-plated health plan and collects a guaranteed pension for life. But for ...

Lungren Exploits Ethics Loophole for Free Trip to Hawaii

Congressman Dan Lungren exploited a loophole in the new House ethics rule to get a free trip to Hawaii; paid for, of course, by lobbyists! Watch his arrogance ...

Lungren Talks about Abortion in Health Care Bill

Lungren clarifies the position of the Catholic church, as expressed by nuns and bishops, on the abortion-expanding Senate health care bill.

Iraq Troop Surge Debate : Dan Lungren - Pro Surge

Rep. Dan Lungren ( Republican ) - California, 3rd District, Elk Grove, Folsom, Sutter Creek View All the Videos in one spot here! The ...

Lungren: EPA Now Regulates Everyone Who Breathes

Congressman Lungren (CA-03) addresses the recent decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

The Poor, Law & Justice - Dan Lungren

A presentation from the 2015 Convocation of the DSPT College of Fellows: “Blessed are you poor …” What Does it Mean to be a Poor Church for the Poor?

Dan Lungren: Voting Against Bringing Jobs Back to America

Ad run by CWA Workers' Voices drawing attention to Dan Lungren's (CA-03) support of tax breaks for companies that offshore American jobs.

Dan Lungren for Congress "Jobs"

Dan Lungren for Congress talks about the need for Jobs.

Rep. Dan Lungren and Transparency

Rep. Dan Lungren will benefit from advertising by American Crossroads, an outside political group not required to disclose its donors. Will Dan Lungren keep his ...