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Neuer Selbstickelverdampfer von Golden Greek. Braucht man den?

GG Iatty rebuild

Finally after several attempts I manage to get this filmed :) This should help as well http://www.e-cigarette-wiki.com/index.php?title=IAtty.

GG iAtty Dual Coil Ceramic Kit

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The Golden Greek IAtty review and quick build

Quick build and Vape of the IAtty.

Golden Greek Iatty

Vorstellung vom Golden Greek Iatty Selbstwickelverdampfer http://www.e-smokeguru.gr/ The Complex Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.ccensed unr Creive ...

Provari & MCBB & Imeo Iatty at 1.5 ohm LR

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IATTY UPDATE KIT (from singel coil to dual coil)

e steamer.com.

GG Iatty Cleaning Better Flavor & No Leaks

I got some mail asking what can I do to improve the flavor and taste of Iatty. I waited for a couple of weeks to dirty up my Iatty to show you what you can do.

Iatty dual coil by Manos3906

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Review of the Iatty

I denne video anmelder jeg Iatty. Reparerbar atomizer med indbygget tank. http://eryger.com.

Iatty on the GGTS

I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.

Iatty v2 @ 1.4Ω on a mini provari v2.5 @ 3.9V

Iatty v2 @ 1.4Ω on a mini provari v2.5 @ 3.9V.

The SS Cube with the iAtty

The SS Cube with the iAtty test at 3.7v.

GG iAtty .4 ohms Dual Highlanders 8.4 Volts 176 Watts

GG iAtty .4 ohms Dual Highlanders 8.4 Volts 176 Watts Nancy reached out to me asking if It's possible to go past 4.2 volts on a GG iAtty running .6 ohms. In this ...

Clear Odysseus and iAtty Review+smoke tricks

This is a brief review of Kir Fanis' clear polycarbonate big mode Odysseus and iAtty tank sections! To purchase one for yourself, PM Kir Fanis on ECF and he will ...

iAtty guide.wmv

A quick visual guide to assembling the iAtty with a pre made coil.

Odysseus iAtty 2

A look at the "Oddy" or Odysseus (iAtty 2) from Imeo and available from www.cloudsofvapor.com in the US. DISCLAIMER: I purchased this device for my own ...