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Gakken World Eye Face Tracking Mod Halloween Prop

This is a demonstration of a prop I built for Halloween to put on my porch and scare children with during Halloween. It's an eye which tracks faces using a ...


NAB 2015リポート後編はこちら 後編→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOuyV70yhYU Adobeさんのお誘いによりラスベガスにて開催のNAB 2015に来ております。


Face Detection: "yes" "no" "indian yes"

LIVE2D With NXT Beyond Reality (Progmed by Imandana, Design by Mawa Datul Setiawan)

Testing Face Recognition to Live2D Programmed by Imandana Rahimaswara https://www.facebook.com/imandana.rahimaswara Character Design by Mawa ...

DJI OSMO POCKET - Quick Face Track Demo

So, it's time to briefly demonstrate the Face Track feature of the new DJI Osmo Pocket. My experience with the face track is quite positive and for self filming, ...

Face Tracker Demo

This tracker was originally implemented by Jason Saragih. I have modified it for robust failure detection and reset and extract various facial features.

Wewow A5 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Mobile Phone Video Stabilizer

Buy Here:https://goo.gl/VRfu72 Sports & Outdoor:https://goo.gl/b7kYid Features: Quick adjustable by hand. One-key back originatposition. Newly Refining ...


学研 Gakken ニューワールドアイでアウトラン.

Using the face tracker on my camera

I was happy when I first found out about this feature of my camera and I was testing it out. Really kind of boring. But hey...

HaFT as Face Tracker

Adaptation of HaFT project (Hand Feature Tracker) to track faces. Soon, more information on this work. For more details about VOXAR Labs: ...

Face Tracker Test Four

This is the same as test three except I've manipulated a bit of everything to try and tone or enhance certain aspects of it. I didn't really have to add any more key ...

Ball Tracking(円検出を利用した球体追跡)RealSense 版

OpenCV3 (C++) でのリアルタイム球体追跡のテスト。 今回のカメラは RealSense の IRカメラを使用のためか、普通のWebカメラを使用した前回( https://www.yo...

Intel RealSense SR300 depth sensor wave problem?

Intel RealSense SR300 depth sensor wave problem?

intel realsense を使ってみた1

intel realsenseを使ってみた1.


【研究成果デモ】 顔の部位から検出される顔キーポイントの移動ベクトルの方向と大きさを量子化し,コード化(抽象化)した移動方向コードを...


学研 Gakken ニューワールドアイでdoaバレー.

Tracking in MOCHA AE

Example of Tracking using the After Effects tool Mocha AE.

Pixelization with OpenCV

OpenCVの顔認識を使って目にモザイクをかけるデモを作りました。音は出ません。詳細は http://decafish.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2011-06-21-1 を参照して下さい。...

Adobe Premiere Rush CCでスマホで動画編集してみた。

ソーシャル向け動画編集ツール「Adobe Premiere Rush CC」でスマホで動画編集からYouTubeへのアップロードまでをやってみました。 Premiere Rushの使い方ワ...

【目指せVtuber】#2 RealSense SDKとUnityで表情の認識

流石にコードを全く書かず、というわけにはいかず時間がかかりました。 ボディトラッキングと表情認識が揃うと、やっとVtuberのスタートライン...