Ducktales Russian Intro Theme Song

Ducktales Intro Russian - HD - Lyrics & Translations

This is the Russian intro for Ducktales! Translations needed! If you know Russian, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute/send me the lyrics!

DuckTales (2017) - Extended Russian Theme Song

The extended Russian theme song of DuckTales (2017), released as a single "Утиные истории (Оригинальный саундтрек)" on November 3, 2017. Sung by ...

Ducktales Russian Intro

Утиные Истории or Utinye Istorii for Ducktales in Russian.

Утиные Истории 2017 - Русская заставка (Ксения Ишкина) / DuckTales 2017 - Russian Intro

Русскоязычная версия заставки нового мультсериала "DuckTales" 2017 года от Disney XD. Исполнительница - Ксения Ишкина...

DuckTales Russian Theme №3 (Утиные истории - заставка №3)

Murat Nasyrov sings the intro song. Песню исполняет Мурат Насыров.

DuckTales - Russian CD Instrumental Intro

Enjoy :) This is a Instrumental Version which is different as the normal and Audiobook versions.

Утиные истории - Русская заставка 1987 + 2017 / DuckTales Russian intro 1987+2017

Заставка классических "Утиных историй" со словами из русской версии нового мультсериала.

Theme Song | DuckTales | Disney XD

Based on the Emmy Award-winning series treasured by a generation of viewers, Disney XD's animated comedy-adventure series "DuckTales" chronicles the ...

[RUS COVER] DuckTales 2017 Theme Song (На русском)

Disney XD — DuckTales 2017 (Русская версия) Помочь Гусям на Patreon: Заказать песню у Гусей:

Disney's Ducktales Intro - Season 1 Russian (LIVE! Version)

DuckTales Russian intros 3 versions

Больше информации на:

DuckTales Russian Intro - Solo Version

Voices are coming to test.

DuckTales 2017 Intro - Russian HD


DuckTales Intro - Russian (Album Version)/Утиные Истории Полная Песня HD

Montage/Монтаж: Me on VK/Я в ВК: Me on Facebook/Я в ...

Утиные Истории. DuckTales - Russian Intro (Kashi)

Все права принадлежат компании Disney. Музыка из версии 2017 года. Перевод версии ОРТ. Жизнь летит, летит вперёд...

[Different Russian versions] Ducktales 2017 intro

DuckTales Russian Intro - 2 voices

One more voice and be ready.

DuckTales Russian Theme Song Medley - With Misheard / Buffalax / Fake English Lyrics

NOTE: This video is a compilation of all versions of the 'DuckTales' theme song sung in Russian by different artists for each version (and, of course, with ...

DuckTales 2017 Intro in 8 Languages

Including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian Enjoy x)

DuckTales. Russian Intro #3 With Intro 2017.

Я в соц.сетях Инст. : ВК: Мой основной YT ...

Ducktales (2017) — OPENING — Multilanguage (40 versions)

Okay this took more time than expected but whatever, I'm pleased with the result. Any requests on what multi should I do next? I'm out of ideas. Also I'm ...