Candid Crush Fruits

Chrissy crushes grapes inside farmers market under boots

"Clean up in aisle 5?!"

Krissy and Karla spitting and fruit crushing spitting fetish.

candid crush - grapes 11

This time she wears booties with rough soles and medium heels. She doesn´t care about the little grapes at her feet and just stepped on them without mercy ...

candid crush - grapes 13

This one is nearly six weeks old. I love the way she crushed my grapes totally regardless.wearing her hot stiletto booties!!!!!! YES YES YES :-) + some bonus tyre ...

candid crush - grapes 03

a short one, captured the day after the first clip. She wears the same ankle boots but this time she gets out of the car and rushes away.

candid crush - grapes 10

This clip is a little bit older - it was taken in may. She wears her favorite stiletto booties - yummy!!! I love the way she crushes the grapes i placed on the floor ...

A quick candid

I have found this quite old one and decided to share, have fun.

Checkpoint campus - candid crush

Small soldiers set up a checkpoint at university campus - but noone really noticed, or cared.

High Heel Candid Crush Chewing Gum

Was under a table at a party, and candid women started playing with her high heels. She did not notice me. I placed the chewing gum right under her heel, and ...

My sisters friend candid crush snack with boots

She was wearing earphones when it happened so I was lucky. Usually either one would notice it and complain.

Red and green rubber jelly flats crush fruit

Used 2 rubber jelly rain flats.

candid crush - grapes 01 slow

Same clip as below but in slow motion - yummy ;-)

Trample plush toy with my black flats crush fetish #CRUSHFETISH_8989

I have several pairs of shoes for sale if you are interested, write to me, find more photos ⬇️ ...

Inshoe crush & Converse crushing spice drops candy

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Fruit crush in gladiator beach thong jellies jelly sandals

Crushing fruit in her beach jelly sandals.

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Old fruit gets crushed by 5 clear jelly heels, flats

Apple, pear and banana crush with chunky jelly sandals and flat jellies.