Brian Justin Viva Forever

Brian & Justin - Viva Forever

It's about Season 2, the bashing and Season 3, the reunion... Song: Viva Forever Warnings: Male/Male - if you don't like it, don't watch it.

[ Brian&Justin ] • "When you get worried, I'll be your soldier." / w Marti

HD 720 px is your bff. • • • • • • • • • • My first collab with this amazing girl, Marti! Go sub her right now cause she's incredibly talented. Plus she's a real sweetheart.

Max Enric - Viva Forever (Sweet and Tender Kisses)

Especially for my friends Dani and Art and everyone else who loves our boys:) Thank you for being such good mental supporters:) Viva Forever Do you still ...

new york | brian & justin

lol, okay, I never expected that I'd finish this video, but here I am! so, when I first heard the song, I knew immediately I wanted to make a video because it fits so ...

Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer

Listen to the best of Andrea Bocelli here: Facebook: Twitter: Official Website: ...

Sail ~ Brian and Justin Forever

Fan video of my favorite couple from Queer As Folk Sail ~ by AWOLNATION Video Clips ~ owned by CowLip from Queer As Folk Edited ~ by Me.

YouTube Max Enric Viva Forever Sweet and Tender Kisses

this is a tribute to my bf even though the pics/vids aren't me and him.

Multifandoms ¤ Viva Forever

EDIT august 30th 2011: "cherry tree" "hate in my heart, love in my mind" JUDGE'S NOTE: I wasn't sure about entering the competition... but third time's a charm ...

Queer As Folk [Brian x Justin] Viva Columbia (Cha cha)

stay | brian & justin

Feel free to vote ♥ You know, I love Brian very much, but Justin is totally my soul. But during the time I've been working at this video, I felt like I'm seeing Brian for ...

Brian & Justin Halo

WARNING: MALE/MALE If you don't like it, if you're a homophobic, DON'T WATCH IT!! Summary: I always wanted to make a video about them for this song, IMO ...

Brian & Justin "Loving him was red"

Man/Man - if you don't like it, don't watch it! I own nothing! The characters aren't mine. The song is "Red" by Taylor Swift.

Brian and Justin "Over you"

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

QAF Brian/Justin - Forever

A slideshow of pics of my favorite couple from Queer As Folk, Brian and Justin, set to the song "Forever" by John Stamos.

nicotine | brian & justin

'I taste you on my lips and I can't get rid of you..'

Everything - Brian/Justin

Everything - Lifehouse Gale Harold ... Brian Kinney Randy Harrison ... Justin Taylor Queer as folk (US)

QaF Brian & Justin - Lie

Brian learning about Ethan, hoping Justin chooses to stay. Enjoy! More to come.

Brian and Justin Forever Love

For all the fans that love Brian and Justin for you love you hugs Barbara thanks for watching.

Brian & Justin Liebe ist (Love is)

This is a german song, here's the translation: Love doesn't want Love doesn't fight Love won't Love is... Love doesn't seek Love doesn't ask Love feels the way ...

he's got a halo around his finger, around you.

Title: he's got a halo around his finger, around you. Song: "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga Fandom: Queer as Folk Pairing: Brian/Justin.

QAF: Halo (Brian/Justin)

There are a few B/J videos set to this song,but I had to use it(because it's the gayest, most fabulously catchy song ever).While my song choice might not be ...

caught in a bad romance (brian/justin)

Title: caught in a bad romance Song: "Bad Romance (BBC Live Session)" by 30 Seconds to Mars Fandom: Queer as Folk Pairing: Brian/Justin.

Justin Vasquez - Namimiss Kita | PBB Otso (In Studio)

Listen to the In Studio version of "Namimiss Kita" by Justin Vasquez! Subscribe to the Star Music channel! Visit our official ...

Viva La Vida

Brian Kinney was always the King - Stud of Libery Avenue. But through the years we see him grow and become more. This is a video that pays tribute to that.

Brian and Justin Take my breath away

Brian and Justin we keep forever in our hearts and in our lives please enjoy and many hugs Barbara.