Dyrehaven 021018

En lille kamp i Dyrehaven her hvor Kronhjortenes brunstperiode er ved at være ovre. Edelherten.

Weather_ 021018

날씨 A brief update on the weather here in Korea before we go. The cold snap that gripped the nation seems to have passed, but it will still remain quite chilly ...


Some footage from half of our Seminar on February 10, 2018. Special thanks to Guro Rich Verdejo for sharing your knowledge with us and to all of the ...

[021018]เฮีย#เป๊กผลิตโชค live มาร์กหน้าทำกับข้าว

Cr. fb PecKPaLit.

[조울증 회복기] 소망교회 대학부 공동체나눔 021018

Credit: ♫ 노래 할 수 없는 곳이라 해도 노래. 이민지 건반. 한윤종 youtu.be/QuxIGzr7_og.


New Mukilteo Ferry Terminal Construction Site, Saturday, 2/10/18 ~4:30PM.

Calgary's First Snowfall 021018

Music : Silver White - Slowfly feat. Revel Day.

Simi Ride 021018

Riding with the Pinoy Crew at Simi Valley.

EXO ElyXiOn Taipei 021018

I tried sorry for the bad phone quality.

Maddie 021018

John and Maddie hunting at Clover Hollow. Training for her Senior Hunter Title.

hog droptrap 021018

feral boar hog in drop trap escapes over top.

[LIVE-021018]Ustaz Shamsuri Ahmad - Bahrul Mazi 14 : "Kehebatan Selawat & The Devil Eyes"

Kuliah Dato Ustaz Shamsuri Ahmad menggunakan kitab Bahrul Mazi Jilid 14, berlangsung di Masjid Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar, Kedah pada 02hb Oktober ...

[021018 OFFGUN in Manila] Game : Dance Off with OFFGUN

021018 2 dead carbon monoxide

A woman and a boy are dead from possible exposure to carbon monoxide at a home in northwest Harris County, authorities say.Deputies were called to the ...

CONOSCERE I FUNGHI_26 Russula ochroleuca 021018

Nuova stagione per "Conoscere i funghi" il programma prodotto da Dieci&Lode in onda su Telebelluno. Anche quest'anno il micologo, Dott. Fabio Padovan ...


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